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Where can I find nutritional information and ingredients lists?
Next to every product image on our website there’s a bullet that says “Click Here for Nutritional Facts and Ingredients.”
When you activate the bullet, the nutritional facts label pops up on the screen, with the ingredients list at the bottom.

Do your products contain any food allergens?
Simpli OatShakes and Naked Oats are soy and dairy free, and naturally low in gluten. For those with extreme gluten sensitivity, we also offer a line of certified gluten-free products, including Simpli Gluten Free Instant Oatmeal in three flavors (Apricot, Raspberry, and Plain), Simpli Gluten Free Premium Oats and Simpli Gluten Free Whole Oat Flour.

Where can I buy Simpli products?
We are expanding rapidly and are sold in more and more stores every month, so please visit “Where To Buy” on our website for a current list. You can always buy Simpli online, either at our own store at, or at

What makes Simpli different?
Our oats differ from other oats on the US market in several significant ways: see chart.

What’s an OatShake?
   It’s a new nondairy, GMO-free drink made with a few wholesome ingredients like whole-grain oats and fruits, making it a naturally
     delicious way to “oat-smart” hunger.

What’s Naked Oat?
 Naked Oat is an all-natural, low-fat, GMO-free, oat-based alternative to dairy and soy. Naked Oat
   is similar to low-fat milk in consistency, and it can be used just like milk or soymilk: poured
   on cereal, and in cooking and baking. The plain flavor doesn’t have any added sugar, while Naked    Oat Vanilla is very lightly sweetened.

How are OatShakes and Naked Oats made?
 Very ‘simpli’: First, we blend whole-grain oats and pure water. Next, we add real fruit, real
  chocolate, vanilla, or coffee, depending on the flavor. We skip all the things you won’t miss,
   such as high-fructose corn syrup, extra fats, and artificial additives, colors and preservatives.
    OatShakes and Naked Oats are made in Finland, where genetic crop modification is not
  allowed, so you never have to worry about GMOs.

What varieties do OatShakes come in?
OatShakes are available in three tasty flavors (tropical fruits, chocolate, and, by Spring of 2012, coffee) and two single-serving sizes for adults (8.45 ounces) and kids (6.76 ounces). We also offer OatShake Chocolate in a family-size container (25.35 ounces), perfect for making smoothies and desserts.

How are OatShakes and Naked Oats packaged?
OatShakes come in single-serving Tetra Pak boxes that are compact and easy to store. Naked Oats are in a larger Tetra Pak box containing multiple
servings. All packaging, including the straws provided with the kids’ varieties, are recyclable.

Do your beverages require refrigeration?
OatShakes and Naked Oats can be stored at room temperature, but they must be refrigerated after opening.

How long do OatShakes and Naked Oats stay good after they've been opened?
OatShakes come in single-serving packages, so leftovers aren’t an issue. Both OatShakes and Naked Oats can be stored in the refrigerator for up to five
days after they've been opened.

Can OatShakes or Naked Oats be heated?
Yes! Naked Oats can be used just like regular milk, and OatShake Chocolate is especially delicious when heated. It’s just
like hot chocolate without the dairy and other additives. And much less sugar.

Are any of your products designed especially for kids?
Yes. We offer kid-friendly, kid-size OatShakes (6.76 ounces) in two flavors: tropical fruits and chocolate. Just the right size for
lunch boxes, they’re perfect for picnics, bike rides, and play dates, too. Our chocolate OatShake is so creamy and delicious,
kids assume it’s chocolate milk. We designed the packaging to appeal especially to kids because kids’ nutrition
is our passion. We even created a special educational website just for kids; it features Captain Oatis,
a very silly oat-loving superhero who teaches kids about oats and nutrition with fun games, quizzes,
and activities. Kids can visit to play, learn, and even become Certified Oat Optimists and
earn free Simpli OatShake T-shirts. It’s not about selling stuff, it’s about learning how to eat right,
 have fun, and stay fit like Captain Oatis.

Which of your products are certified gluten free?
Our currently available gluten-free products are Simpli Gluten Free Instant Oatmeal in three flavors
(Apricot, Raspberry, and Plain), Simpli Gluten Free
Oat Flour and Simpli Gluten Free Premium Oats.

How do you ensure that your gluten-free products are truly gluten free?
Many gluten-free products claim to be “made in a gluten-free facility,” but we at Simpli have created a
much more rigorous process, a “closed loop” that follows the grain’s path from seed to store,
analyzing it at every step of the way. We have prepared a chart showing what happens at different
stages in the Simpli gluten-free process: when the seed is planted, grown, harvested, stored,
transported, and finally processed and packaged in facilities dedicated exclusively to oats.

In what ways do you avoid cross-contamination between gluten-free oats and other grains?
We follow a rigorous system of quality control to ensure that our gluten-free oats start out gluten free and stay that way. For example, our experts
inspect our seeds for purity before planting. The seeds are then planted in fields that have been dedicated exclusively to oats for at least four years,
ensuring continued purity. We also make sure that all harvesting, drying, and transportation equipment is carefully cleaned before use, and that the oats
are stored and processed in oat-only facilities. We conduct ELISA R5 testing throughout the process to ensure that our oats are never contaminated with
other grains. Finally, our gluten-free products are quality-tested before shipping.

Ingredients, Nutrition, and Food Safety

How do OatShakes “oat-smart” hunger?
You know how you feel full for a long time after eating a bowl of oatmeal? Well, the same thing happens when you
drink an OatShake, and that’s because of the special nutritional properties of oats: oats are an excellent source
of fiber and protein, and when it comes to controlling appetite, they out-perform other whole grains due to their
high concentration of beta glucan, a type of soluble fiber.

Soluble fiber delays hunger in two important ways: by filling the stomach and slowing digestion. Once in the
digestive system, it absorbs water and expands, forming a viscous gel. The gel increases stomach contents and also
prevents food from passing through too quickly, keeping your blood sugar levels in check. Under the influence of oat
fiber, carbohydrates enter your bloodstream gradually, so you won’t experience the abrupt spike and subsequent crash
that comes from eating sugary, low-fiber snacks. Soluble fiber is what gives oats a high satiety value, which means that
when you eat foods made with oats, you feel full long after your meal. In effect, oats are nature’s secret weapon for putting hunger on hold.

Do OatShakes and Naked Oats contain chemicals?
No. Unlike many products that are engineered to curb hunger, Simpli OatShakes and Naked Oats never rely on artificial additives to get the job done. They
don’t need artificial chemicals because they tap into the inherent hunger-fighting properties of whole-grain oats.

Are your products low in fat?
Yes. OatShakes have only 1 to 2 grams of fat per adult serving (8.75 ounces). Except for OatShake Chocolate, to which we add a small amount of rapeseed
oil to enhance the flavor and texture, all fat grams in our products come from the naturally occurring lipids in oat kernels. Oat kernel fats are the good
kinds of fats—omega 3 and omega 6—that are beneficial to your heart and even better for your brain.

Do your products provide a good source of fiber?
OatShake Tropical Fruits and Simpli Gluten Free Instant Oatmeal both have significant fiber content, providing 32% and 16% of the recommended
daily allowance, respectively, in each serving. We add additional oat beta glucan to OatShake Coffee, boosting its heart-healthy soluble fiber content.
All Simpli oats and oatmeals contain 2 grams of soluble fiber per serving.

Are there significant percentages of vitamins and minerals in your products?
OatShake Chocolate and OatShake Tropical Fruits both have high percentages of calcium and vitamin D, making them good substitutes for dairy products.
Additionally, you get 130% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C in each adult-size Tropical Fruits OatShake.

Why do you add sugar?
Oats are naturally sweet, so we don’t need to add much sugar: most of the sweetness in our products comes from fruits and the
oats themselves. When necessary, we add just a few grams of sugar to heighten the flavor. It is well known that bland foods
leave you wanting more, but when you eat something that is flavorful, you feel content after just a small serving. Our aim is to
create a drink that fully satisfies both your hunger and your taste buds.

What kind of sugar do you use?
All our products are sweetened with beet sugar from family farms in Finland. Beet sugar is naturally light in color, and it tastes similar to cane sugar. We
never use high-fructose corn syrup or any artificial sweeteners.

Why don't you use cane sugar?
Your body processes both beet and cane sugar in the same way, but we prefer beet sugar because it requires less refining. It is also typically grown and
processed in ways that are much less harmful for the environment. Cane sugar harvesting often involves extensive burning of the cane fields, and these
burns destroy acres of forest and release massive amounts of polluting carbon monoxide into the air. We don’t feel comfortable participating in this type
of destructive farming, and by choosing to use beet sugar instead, we don’t have to.

What are GMOs and why should I avoid them?
Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are organisms that have been purposely altered through genetic engineering. In the United States, many crops
are genetically modified to make them heartier, more prolific, more resistant to herbicides or pests, and easier to grow. Some environmental groups
question whether it is safe to introduce GMOs into the food chain, but since genetically modified seed can easily contaminate non-modified crops, it is
becoming more difficult for US farmers to keep their own crops GMO free, even when they start out with pure seeds. Simpli’s products are all made in
Finland, where GMOs are prohibited, so all of our ingredients are guaranteed to be GMO free.

Do your products contain MSG?
No. None of our products or ingredients contain MSG.

Are your products kosher?
The beet sugar we use is kosher pareve, and we are currently working on making the rest of our
ingredients kosher as well. We hope to have completely kosher products in the near future.

Where do your ingredients come from?
Our products are made in Finland with ingredients that are grown and processed in Finland.
Genetic crop modification is not allowed in Finland, so all of our ingredients are GMO free.
We work with family farmers who practice traditional, sustainable growing practices, and their
crops travel only a short distance to the processing plants, minimizing our carbon footprint.

Does the water you use contain fluoride?
  Our water is purified and does not contain any fluoride.

What is carrageenan and why is it added?
Extracted from seaweed, carrageenan is a vegan alternative to gelatin. It serves as a thickener, giving
OatShakes their creamy texture.

    What is gellan gum and why is it added?
  A gelatinous substance produced by bacteria, gellan gum is a vegetarian-approved thickener. It is often
found in gluten-free products, and people who cook without gluten usually have it in their pantries at home.

  What is tricalcium phosphate and why is it added?
Tricalcium phosphate is a form of calcium that is widely found in nature. It boosts the calcium content of OatShakes, making them a good substitutes for milk.

What is rapeseed oil and why is it added?
Rapeseed oil is similar to canola oil (the name canola is trademarked by Canada). We add rapeseed oil to our OatShake Chocolate to improve their texture and flavor. Rapeseed is a heart-healthy vegetable oil full of important fatty acids that have been reported to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. Our rapeseed oil is grown and processed in Finland, and like every other ingredient in OatShakes, it is GMO free. By comparison, 90% of canola oil produced in Canada is genetically modified.

What is polydextrose and why is it added?
Polydextrose is a soluble fiber made from cornstarch. Not a sweetener, it increases the fiber content in OatShakes. Polydextrose combined with oat fiber is what makes OatShakes so satisfying, since both fibers slow digestion to keep you going longer.

Are OatShakes and Naked Oats pasteurized?
Yes, all of our beverages are flash pasteurized for safety, just like most fruit smoothies, such as Odwalla and Naked Juice, found at your local store.

Environmental Concerns

Does your company keep tabs on its carbon footprint?
Absolutely. Simpli is committed to sustainable business practices that preserve the earth’s resources. We’ve built long-term relationships with family farmers in Scandinavia who are committed to traditional growing practices, including rotating crops to keep weeds at bay, minimizing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, and relying on natural rainwater instead of artificial irrigation. These practices have nurtured and protected their land for generations. We also choose to use particular ingredients, such as beet sugar, in part because of the minimal environmental impact of producing them.

Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes, all packaging, including the straws provided with the OatShake kids’ varieties, are recyclable.

What steps do you take to reduce waste during the production of your products?
We make every attempt to minimize waste at every stage of production, both for our products and the ingredients that go into them. When there are byproducts, we pride ourselves in finding creative uses for them. For example, after the production of beet sugar, leftover beet solids are used as feed for livestock, and the remaining bitter syrup serves in the manufacture of citric acid, antibiotics, yeast, and other products. We also strive to conserve water in both the growing and processing phrases of production. We don’t irrigate the oat crops because they are grown in Finland, where there is ample rainfall. When making our OatShakes and Simpli Gluten Free products, we recycle the water used for steaming to cool and heat the plant. We are continuously striving to do more with less.